Title: 6 things to remember while moving

Fresh start in a new city is not quite a magical thing, as you have to plan, schedule, and then plan and schedule again, and make sure you do not forget to pack something necessary. Having a strict deadline for moving is simultaneously a good and a bad thing: you know the exact date you have to move, but it adds to the overall stress.

To make sure your moving goes smoothly, find qualified North Vancouver movers to help you with packing and transporting, make a to-do list and be sure to include such steps as:

Transferring Medical Records

Inform your current doctors about moving and request copies of medical records in advance. Make sure to research and contact new healthcare providers in your new city long before moving to ensure a seamless transition.

Returning Borrowed Items

Note down items borrowed from friends, family, or the library. It would be best to return all borrowed items at least a week before the move.

Updating Address

Create a list of all entities that need your new address. List needs to contain at least your main bank and utilities providers, and do not forget about subscriptions of all kinds. Use calendar reminders to update your address with these entities well before the move.

Taking Care of Utilities

Arrange for utility services (electricity, water, gas, and internet) to be disconnected at your old home and connected at your new one.

Forwarding Mail      

Submit a change of address form with your local postal service and inform regular senders about your new address.

Collecting Spare Keys

Remember hidden spare keys around your home and check them out, also you should ask anyone who has spare keys, like family and friends, to return them.

This is not an extensive list of actions to do before moving, but these are more likely to be omitted or forgotten. Add to the list depending on your situation, and it will be much easier to make all the necessary preparations.

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