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Exceptional Features Of The High School Musical: The Musical Series

In the entertainment world, only some productions manage to capture the hearts of audiences, like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Created and produced by Tim Federle, the show is an Emmy-winning Disney+ Original Series. For those who have watched the show, numerous outstanding features have made it memorable. Packed with musical numbers, metafictional twists, and heartfelt moments, are some of its exceptional features? 

Metafictional Brilliance

Among the outstanding features of the show is its brilliant utilization of metafiction. The show is a mockumentary-style series following a group of high school students at East High School as they stage a production of “High School Musical,” the popular Disney Channel movie. The characters in the series are familiar with the original “High School Musical” movies. 

Moreover, the show often breaks the fourth wall by having characters speak directly to the camera in a documentary style. This self-aware narrative adds layers of humor and nostalgia, creating a unique viewing experience that resonates with fans of the original franchise while engaging a new audience. This feature, among others, have helped the show secure an 87% Rotten Tomatoes rating.  

Original Musical Numbers

Another notable aspect of the series is that it is not just a rehash of the original songs from the original movies. Of Course, the show pays homage to the original “High School Musical” movies by including some of the iconic songs from those films. However, it also introduces new and original songs specifically created for the series, all available on Apple music. 

From heartfelt ballads to catchy pop tunes, the soundtracks present a fresh perspective on the musical. The characters perform the original musical numbers as part of the storyline, often during rehearsals or actual performances of their staging. This inclusion of the original songs allows the show to stand on its own while embracing the nostalgic aspects of the “High School Musical” franchise.

Diverse and Inclusive Casting

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, High School Musical: The Musical features a cast representing various backgrounds and talents. The diverse representation is intentional as Tim Federle, the producer, and other creators had a commitment to reflecting the real-world diversity in high schools today. The characters also break free from traditional stereotypes, allowing viewers to connect with a more authentic portrayal of high school life. The casting choices reflect the natural world and contribute to the show’s appeal.

Character Development and Relationships

The series invests time in developing its characters, allowing the audience to connect with their struggles, dreams, and growth. The relationships on-screen are authentic and relatable, exploring friendship, love, and self-discovery themes. By delving into the characters’ lives, the show creates a more immersive and emotionally resonant experience for viewers.

Innovative Cinematic Style

High School Musical: The Musical Series brings a fresh and innovative cinematic style to the small screen. Handheld cameras, mockumentary elements, and behind-the-scenes glimpses add a modern flair to the storytelling. This approach sets the series apart and gives it a contemporary feel that appeals to a broad audience.


High School Musical: The Musical Series has successfully reimagined a beloved franchise, breathing new life into the world of East High School. From its metafictional brilliance to its innovative cinematic style, these outstanding features have all contributed to making it a standout series with a 7.1/10 IMDB rating. Along with the original music, these production features helped the show capture the hearts of both new and nostalgic viewers alike.

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